Q. What size are the fence panels?
A. The panels are 2.4m wide and 2.0m high.

Q. Do you deliver and set up the fencing, toilets, power poles, etc?
A. Yes, we deliver and set up. The cost of this is included in all hire quotes unless stated otherwise.

Q. Do you sell the temporary fencing.
A. Yes, we sell both brand new or second hand fencing to suit your requirements.

Q. What area of Melbourne do you service?
A. We serve all of greater Melbourne from Mornington to Lilydale, Wallan to Geelong and everywhere in between.

Q. How much notice do we need to give prior to delivery?
A. We generally do next day delivery.

Q. Do we need a sewer or water connection for the portable toilet?
A. No, the portable toilets are self-contained units.

Q. How often do the toilets get serviced?
A. Our latest design toilets have the larger waste tank than other suppliers, therefore they require less servicing, saving you dollars. We recommend a service every month.

Q. Do you hire power poles as well?
A. Yes, we hire both overhead and underground supply builders power poles.

Q. How long does it take to have the power connected for the power pole.
A. Please allow at least 28 days from time of installation to the time of power connection. This is due to the electrical authority process.

Q. Who pays the electrical bills for power poles?
A. We arrange all electrical safety inspections and submit all paperwork to the electrical retailer on behalf of the builder/owner. All electrical connection fees and electricity usage bills are therefore sent directly to the builder/owner.

Q. What are rubbish cages?
A. Most Councils now require a steel wire style rubbish cage with lid to keep your worksite tidy form general rubbish generated on site. It is the responsibility of the builder/owner to empty the rubbish cage prior to the end of the hire.

Q. What are timber crossing protections?
Timber crossing protections are required to assist in the protection of Councils footpath at the vehicle crossing(driveway). Generally any cracking or damage caused by large vehicles to the Council footpath/driveway will need to be replaced at the builders expense, which can cost many thousands
of dollars.